What is a Solid Muldoon?

My dad never called me anything but Muldoon. In my entire life he called me Joey twice. Try explaining that to your friends when they come over. The explanation goes like this:
When I was born, my folks took me up to Bellingham so Grandma and Grandpa Dolan could take a look at me. Grandpa Dolan remarked I had the profile of a prizefighter. Since his idea of a prizefighter was William Muldoon, he started calling me Muldoon, as did my dad. Like from then on.
In reality, I looked nothing like William Muldoon, which was good, since he'd been dead for 20 years. You can find out more about William Muldoon, first wrestling champion of the world and inventor of the medicine ball by clicking the link down by his picture.
Somewhere in the mid 90's I was Virginia City, Nevada, looking for a place to eat breakfast. I saw a cafe called Solid Muldoon's and figured it was an omen. It was, as breakfast was good, and inexpensive.
When I got home I Googled "Solid Muldoon" and got lots of hits. Most sites expaining the origin of the name are flat wrong.

It's not William Muldoon.

It's not a fake giant "found" in Colorado.

The true origin is from a song written in 1874 called, "Muldoon, the Solid Man". A very well-researched history of the song and the subsequent use of "Solid Muldoon" can be found in pdf form by going to this site and looking for the essay by Don Meade, who must be a really neat guy and lives in Manhattan.

The Solid Muldoon has been used as a name for a newspaper and a couple of mines in the Rockies and Sierras. In more recent times, Solid Muldoon has been a short story by Rudyard Kipling, the name of a band in the 60's, a ski run in Utah, a bar in Durango Colorado, the cafe in Virginia CIty, and a revival of the old newspaper. It's use has come to mean the same as "The Real McCoy".

By the way, the link to the Don Meade essay was not found using Google. Google is not perfect, folks. I found the link using Teoma. Try it if Google lets you down. In fact, I think Google is owned and operated by a pile of spoiled, snotty, self-righteous pricks, and their Fisher-Price / Ikea decorated offices are as pretentious and fake as their porported ethics. fill

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